Bianca not feeling 100% today

This morning Bianca was definitely different to yesterday. She was quieter and at one point insisted she was cold. She also had quite a long sleep which is unusual for her. She had a slight temperature, nothing too serious for the time being, but they are keeping an eye on it in the meantime.

No news yet on when we will be discharged. They had a conference call with the oncologists from Christchurch and the decision was to increase the IV Aciclovir. The virus in her system is probably the reason for her low levels at the moment, so I really hope they are able to kick the stupid shingles in the backside and get rid of it once and for all.

I was with Bianca this morning, and then at work this afternoon. Tomorrow I will spend with Bianca the whole day. I'm hoping she will feel a bit better.

The past week has been pretty exhausting for us, and I'd just be so pleased if we could be discharged soon!


Clare said...

Bianac's quilt was posted on Saturday by normal mail. La Poste said it would take about 12 days. Can you let me know when it arrives.

Give Bianca a big, but gentle, hug from me.

Nigel said...

A link to this blog was posted on the U.K. blog of Sophie Foxley who is also being treated for ALL, so I thought I'd pop in. Just wanted to wish Bianca all the best with her treatment. She's a lovely little girl :o) Hope those nasty shingles clear up soon. I've signed her BuddyMap too. I shall bookmark this blog and be back to see how Bianca is doing. All the best,

love, Nigel XXX