Doing crafts in isolation

Last night I had a pretty rough night with Caitlyn. I think Caitlyn is going through a bit of a growth spurt so she didn't sleep through the night last night. But anyway, like they say "I will survive".

When I arrived at the hospital Bianca was busy getting her Immunoglobulin infusion which took around 2.5 hours to run.

Megan the play specialist spent some time with Bianca. They did some crafts and Bianca had lots of fun.

Later in the day Kate, the other play specialist, also popped in for a visit. Bianca absolutely loves it when the play specialists come in for a visit.

Over the weekend Bianca and I made some hand puppets. This is one of the activity ideas Bianca got from The Correspondence School and she absolutely loved it. We had great fun and then afterwards had fun playing with them.

Other than that, just counting the days until Friday when we will hopefully be discharged. And hopefully this time we get to spend some time at home.

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LindaI said...

oh no! Life has gotten me busy - or should I say, dh's life of fixing others computers and borrowing my monitor has pushed me away from mine. So I did not have your bookmark to read your blog for a while! And here I find Bianca is back in the hospital! Poor girl!!! Does she EVER get a break!?! Or you?!

Hoping Friday comes quickly and she can come home! And stay there!

I just wanted to tell you today Tristan started Maintenance. :) So now we start the rest of the journey till we are done with this stuff! Seems like a thousand years away!