What a busy day!

So this week just keeps going and going. Last night Sanna had the tummy bug Caitlyn had earlier in the week, so this morning Caitlyn and I set off with extra clothes, special orders from Bianca, stuff for Caitlyn and so on. I spent the day with both girls in an isolation room. Caitlyn thought it was great and especially loved looking at people (through the little window at the bottom of the door) walking past and then trying to get their attention. It was so cute.

It was a bit exhausting, but not too bad. Of course it didn't do much good for her nap time this morning and she ended up way over tired and only managed 30 minutes before waking up.

I guess if we do end up not finding an au pair, then this was pretty good practice.

But Terence really needed to spend some time at work. He managed to do work from the hospital, but there were some meetings he just couldn't miss.

So tomorrow after Caitlyn's nap we will go and visit Daddy and Bianca and then I will stay over at the hospital.

There is no chance Bianca will be discharged this weekend, the shingles are taking slightly longer to crust over than they were hoping. They have also added two preventative medicines - an antibiotic and anti-fungal. This basically means that Bianca is hooked up to her IV line for most of the day. When I got there this morning she asked her nurse if she could be hooked off. She so badly wanted to play with Caitlyn (and having an IV line would just be too risky with a 1 year old around who would probably end up pulling it and trying to chew on it). But unfortunately she had to wait until around 2pm before being hooked off the IV and then had about 1.5 hours playing with Caitlyn. The two girls just miss each other so much when they are split up. So it was really good to see them playing together.

So here's hoping we would be discharged early next week (maybe Monday or Tuesday?), here's hoping...

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