Visits home

This weekend turned out to be a good weekend even though we are still in hospital and in isolation. Bianca managed to come home between IV Aciclovir doses. So that has been exciting for Bianca. It was just so cool to see the girls have a great time.

On Saturday afternoon we all went to the beach and the girls just had the best time ever. Caitlyn wasn't too keen on the water, but she loved walking up and down the beach. I was quite surprised as I expected it to be a bit cold, but it was really nice and the water wasn't too cold.

Our footprints: Terence, Lea, Bianca and Caitlyn...

And then in between, Sanna and I have been watching Gilmore Girls Season 7. Thank you very much Steve!

This morning we were hoping to come home in the morning, but the on-call paediatrician, whom we have never met before and doesn't really have any oncology experience that I know of, arrived at our room at around 11:15am or 11:20am, so by that time it was just too late to still leave for home and be back by 1pm. Bianca was so disappointed and of course we did plan to come home in the morning, but eventually we managed to leave around 2:15pm after Bianca's IV Aciclovir. It was a bit frustrating because the only thing that this doctor pretty much did was to tell us Bianca's neutrophil level and she didn't really examine her or anything. So I am not sure why she insisted we stay until she saw us. But tomorrow is Monday and we should see our own doctors again. That will be much better and with any luck we will be discharged tomorrow. Here's hoping...

Tomorrow we have been in hospital 14 days for this admission and to date since diagnosis have had probably around 98 days in total in hospital as an inpatient (fair enough not consecutive days in hospital, but still very long).

Then on Friday with any luck, we can continue with our chemo. That is if Bianca's levels go up sufficiently. Right now neutrophils sitting at 0.31.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
I have popped by the blog every day to see how you are all going. Poor Bianca, lets hope this is the last of the shingles and they disappear. 14 days is a long time, fingers crossed for home today. Anyway please know you are being thought about.
Hannah, Chris, Samuel, Emily, Laura and Alana Blow

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Dear Lea and family

I just finished reading your blog through and through.... As a mom of an older child with leukemia (cml) I look for the strengths in others to help me build my strength to deal with travelling this road with cancer. And I have to tell you that you have given me and enormous injection of strength, humility and thanks.

Your daughters are beautiful and your strengths, incredible.

Sending you all tons of love and light
Steven's mom