Hello and goodbye

This morning Terence will be camera hunting. Our camera decided enough was enough and it pretty much stopped working properly. Can't say I blame it, we've had it since 2004 when we came to New Zealand and I have to say it served us well.

Yesterday (Friday) was a public holiday and we took advantage that we were all home. It was also our very last day with Sanna before Sandrea's arrival so we decided to do our own little farewell with Sanna. It all worked out nicely as Bianca isn't neutropenic at the moment. The past week I put together a little clip of Sanna's time in New Zealand and so yesterday we went to a restaurant for lunch, played her the little clip and gave her some special little things to remind her of us. Oh boy are we going to miss her just so much!!! Sanna is flying very early Monday morning.

Afterwards we had to quickly go to the shops and there was a bouncy castle at the shopping centre. There was only 1 other girl jumping, so we thought it would be okay for Bianca to join too. She had so much fun playing with this girl. She was just giggling the whole time. Not sure who this little girl was, but thank you so much for making my little girl's day!

Sandrea arrived late yesterday afternoon. She is very nice. So this weekend we are just spending the time together to give the children a chance to get used to the newest member of our family. Sandrea is from Malaysia and she can speak Malay, Mandarin and of course English. She is 26 years old and is currently backpacking through New Zealand. She will be with us roughly for a month. She will then set off for 5 weeks to Australia. So any interesting places in Australia or worthwhile cities to visit, please let us know!

So apart from just taking it easy, I have to catch up on emails, other blogs and journals, unpack our things from the hospital, do washing, ironing and so on. And of course the situation at Wellington Hospital is sitting in the back of my mind. It seems that not only are we constantly fighting to get our kids better, we also have to constantly fight to have an acceptable service here in Wellington. I know we have our own oncologists on the way to start in October, but that is still 6 months away. And 6 months is such a long long time when things can change and happen in a matter of minutes. And it doesn't feel very safe knowing that Christchurch is effectively in charge of us and they don't seem to care too much about us here in Wellington.

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