Great news in the paper today!

Good news everybody! They hired two Paediatric Oncologists for Wellington Children's hospital! I am so pleased about it. These Oncologists are from Germany and due to start in October. So still a while, but at least we are moving in the right direction! This is such good news. I also understand that when the new hospital building opens, the Children's Hospital will move to one of the other existing buildings which should provide more space. You can read the article here.

Bianca was also in today's Dominion Post.

Now after this week, I feel a bit tired. It's been a couple of rough nights with Caitlyn. But hopefully she will now be fine. She does seem fine during the day.

Tomorrow I will spend the day with Bianca at the hospital. Terence will still sleep there, so I am excited to get to see Bianca for a bit too. I am hoping that she gets discharged this weekend. I think Caitlyn is also missing her big sister a lot and I know Bianca is missing Caitlyn too. Bianca even made Caitlyn a picture because Caitlyn wasn't feeling great earlier this week. It is hard when the two girls can't see each other every day, but that's life and we'll get through it - one little step at a time.

As they say, the only way to eat an elephant is one small bite at a time.


Anonymous said...

What a great article. You are famous Bianca! Hope you have a good day today.
Love Bridget and Peter

Kat said...

Hi! My name is Kat and I'm a student nurse in St. Louis, MO and I'm working on the pediatric oncology floor. I found your website on one of my patients sites! Your daughter is beautiful and quite an inspiration. I think these kids have a lot to teach us. Best of luck with treatment. Your family will be in my prayers. Take care!