Exciting surprises

Oh wow, big surprises!

A big thank you to Johan, Marlize, Hannes and Elmarie for the very special parcel you sent. You made our day and you should have seen Caitlyn's curiosity when I brought the box into the lounge. And Bianca's face lit up when I took her presents to the hospital. Thank you so much.

Thank you also to "a Grandmother from Napier". Bianca loves the knitted doll outfit you sent. This is perfect now that winter is coming! Bianca was so excited when the nurse brought it to her yesterday.

And then the nurses brought another big surprise for Bianca this morning. Thank you so much to Hannah and family (including Rebekah and Kate) for the beautiful Pony School play set you sent. Bianca really loves ponies, she loves pink and she can't wait until she is able to start school. This is just perfect!

Thank you! You really made Bianca's day and really brightened her stay in hospital!

We feel so blessed to have so many people following our story and keeping us in their prayers and thoughts. Without your support, this journey would have been incredibly hard. So thank you!

Bianca is still in hospital. But yesterday and today she was able to come home for a visit in the afternoon. Bianca and Caitlyn had the best time ever playing around. Even though it is a bit of a distance to drive, it is so worthwhile just seeing the two girls having lots of fun together.

We are hopeful Bianca will be discharged this weekend, although we suspect that she may have to stay until sometime next week. Anyway, we will know better tomorrow. Bianca is definitely not getting chemo tomorrow, but the plan is next Friday.

I understand Bianca's counts are still on the low side and there are talks that she may have to get G-CSF injections. I'm praying very hard that the counts come up by themselves, quickly! Bianca would absolutely hate getting these.

But at the end of the day, we will do what we need to do and we will get through it, one step at a time!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca and Lea,
I really feel for you both being in hospital all this time. It's great that people have been sending presents though. I really hope that you manage to avoid those injections. I never even knew they had anything like that.
We hope you have a good day today.
Take care,
Bridget and Peter

Jesscia Oatman Photography said...

What a wonderful blog you have going. It's amazing how many people I have met along this difficult journey. It's upsetting to know that so many others are going through this, but conforting to know that there are people who care and know what it's all about. I'll be praying for your little girl!
Much love- jessica oatman