Still in isolation

We're still in. Tomorrow marks a week for this admission - in isolation. I stayed the night last night and must say that it was a pretty uncomfortable sleep. I chose the camp bed instead of sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and in hindsight - I should've just gone for the mattress on the floor.

At this stage Bianca is on IV meds until around 1:30pm each day and then they hook her off and yesterday and today we managed to leave the room until around 4:00pm, when we had to be back. We couldn't do much because Bianca is very much still neutropenic, so we have to avoid people and places where there are other people. It was raining, so not much choice in outdoor places to go to and we live a bit too far to just go home and back in the time we were allowed to leave. So we ended up just driving around. At least Bianca got to see a bit more than just the hospital room.

So tomorrow morning I will spend the morning there, and then Terence will go to work. Then in the afternoon he will take over from me and I will go off to work and so on.

Bianca's neutrophils are sitting at 0.10, so quite low and until they recover sufficiently - no chemo! At least her liver function is much better.

So we'll see what this week brings. I'm hoping we get discharged soon. It would be great if we could just have some time where nothing much happens - ordinary days doing ordinary type of things. I realised that this whole term Bianca probably only managed 3 ballet lessons. I feel sorry about this, because she really likes going to ballet, but for now we probably won't enrol her for next term until we know for certain that things are a bit more settled. Of course it does make me wonder how things will work with school, I really wouldn't want her to miss too many classes.

But I'm sure things will work out the way they are meant to.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are still in hospital. Hospitals are the absolute pits! I hope you do get out soon. We are thinking of you.
Take care,
Bridget and Peter