What a fantastic day!!!

Today was a fantastic day!!!

Bianca was discharged. Yeah!!! It is so good that we are once again all back home, under the same roof. Of course we will probably now have oral Aciclovir 4 times a day pretty much every day going forward. But one more medicine won't make much of a difference to our schedule, as long as it means we can finally be rid of the shingles then that is just perfect!

We have a new au pair - or two rather. There is a lady who can start end of April, but can only stay a short little while and then we have another girl who cannot start end of April, but can stay longer. So this girl will start with us at the end of May. They both sound really nice and just perfect for our family. More details and introductions to follow...

Of course we will miss Sanna so very much. And it is like having a family member who will be moving to another country. I am sure Sanna's mum will be so thrilled to have her daughter back home in Sweden, but it will be very hard to see Sanna go.

So all in all, we have childcare sorted and I get to continue working. I really like my job.

Today was a fantastic day!

It feels so great when things just fall into place. Sometimes it feels hard coming up with solutions because there are just so many "what ifs" and you have to have solutions for the solutions "just in case".

Tomorrow morning will be a busy day. Bianca is scheduled for theatre. It is not a usual theatre day, but we have to catch up to bring us back to our schedule. So we'll leave the house at around 7am and Bianca won't have anything to eat or drink until after theatre. She will then get a lumbar puncture with chemo in her spine and also Vincristine through her port.

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Anonymous said...

That's so fantastic that you are home. Isn't it the most wonderful place in the world?
Great news also about the Aupairs.
I hope all goes well with the LP tomorrow.
Take care,
Bridget and Peter