At least Dex was good for one thing...

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually missing the steroids. Despite all its horrible side-effects, the steroids are great for increasing Bianca's appetite and the last little while we've really been battling with her appetite. She eats really well at breakfast but then her appetite decreases as the day goes by and she's craving certain foods, until we give it to her, when she suddenly doesn't feel like it anymore. Even her favourite foods don't appeal to her at the moment. So in desperation tonight we've started giving her ProNutro and even though it is a breakfast cereal, it is at least healthy so then it doesn't matter too much if she is fussy or not and best of all she really likes it. All I can hope for is that when the treatment is all finished, Bianca's appetite will become normal again and until then we just won't make too big a fuss so that she doesn't start hating meal times.

Yesterday it looked like Bianca was on her way to developing a tummy bug. Please not!!! So I was really glad today that she seemed perfectly fine and so far no temperatures. She seemed a bit more down this morning, but soon enough she became her old self again - all energetic and playful. Of course tonight we noticed she's got a rash on her bottom and her port area looks a bit red. So it will be interesting to see what they say at the hospital tomorrow when we go in for her monthly visit. Fingers crossed nothing to worry about!

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