Counting down

Today I would like to say thank you so much for all the support out there. All the comments, emails, thoughts and prayers mean so much to us and help us stay focused and gain strength. Without all the support, this journey would have been very alone and very hard. So thank you!

Last night I went to the monthly CCF meeting. It is a meeting where the business manager meets with parents. This meeting gives parents the opportunity to ask questions, to share concerns and to discuss suggestions and it gives the business manager the opportunity to give updates and to make sure that parents are well informed. It was a very positive meeting last night and I think good things are on the horizon. Of course as with many things in life, things won't happen overnight, but it gives a sense of comfort that people are working towards great things. And even though we are on our way to Auckland, it was good to get the latest updates.

Speaking of Auckland, we are now in countdown mode. And suddenly I realised that tomorrow in one week the movers will arrive. I feel very excited about the new opportunities and about what lies ahead, but at the same time I do feel incredibly sad that we will leave behind some wonderful people we have met, worked with, formed friendships with.

So the next week will be a week of "lasts", the closing of one chapter before starting our new chapter, and even though we don't quite know what it will bring with it, we feel certain that we are ready for whatever comes along...

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