Starting the weekend with a bang

Today Jody, Bianca, Caitlyn and I were in a car accident. No serious injuries, but we were on the motorway on our way to the city and even though the speed limit was at 100 km/h, we were driving no faster than 80 km/h because it was raining and the road was pretty wet and Auckland does have quite a bit of traffic. Unfortunately the car in front of us must have slowed down quickly and I tried to break, but breaking and wet roads - they don't really go together and I could feel us sliding until we bumped into the car in front of us and were then bumped from behind by another car, which pushed us back into the car in front of us. Jody is a bit sore, but not seriously injured and my back is a little sore too, but other than that we are all fine. So our weekend started with a "bang".

It wasn't really how I planned to start the weekend, and even though I seriously could have done without this incident I do feel proud that in the past 11 or 12 years that I have been driving I have never before ever been involved in a car crash, to date I've never even ever had a speeding ticket or a parking ticket - so I've been doing pretty well (until today).

So now in the next week we'll have to see what the insurance have to say and so on - that will be fun (not...).

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Johan said...

Good luck with the insurance, I hope things don't turn too nasty! And may your car have a speedy recovery!