Ordinary Days

Tomorrow will be really really exciting. Bianca will have a play date with one of her best friends from hospital - Elijah. She's been asking for 2 days when Elijah is coming.

On Friday we finally got the approval from the Christchurch doctor that Bianca would be allowed to be around other oncology kids again. I had visions that for the next 15 months Bianca would have to be isolated each time she visited the hospital as they waited to see if the shingles would return or not. Thank goodness the shingles have so far stayed away.

So tomorrow will be a great day for Bianca.

Bianca is doing pretty well at the moment. Doctor Sullivan indicated that it is uncertain whether she is really just settling or whether it is the IVIG transfusions she's been getting. But either way I am really happy that she is doing well at the moment. It's been great being at home and just doing pretty ordinary stuff (as much as is possible). And especially this close to our move to Auckland, I really just want everything to go as planned.

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Anonymous said...

That is fantastic news about the shingles and that Bianca can now mix with everyone. I can imagine how excited she is about her friend coming over.
We are picking up our puppy in a few hours and I am a bit nervous. Pete will either love it or hate it. I thought Bianca's puppy was really cute and life like. You and the girls will have to come and see us and the puppy (Enzo) when you are settled in up here.
Take care,
Bridget and Pete