Meeting interesting people

On Saturday night we discovered our hot water cylinder stopped working. So we phoned the landlord / owner who assured us that he would phone a plumber the next morning. Always our luck, these things happen at the most inconvenient times - never on a week day between 9am and 5pm, always on a weekend late at night. So this morning we found out that the cylinder itself is perfectly fine, but that the hot water cylinder runs on a different electrical line than the rest of the house and with the recent wet weather, some lines were affected (including this one) - lucky us... So basically nothing more to do than wait for it to be restored, which thankfully it did later in the day.

So apart from sorting out our hot water problem, we pretty much just took it easy this weekend. After all on Friday we had more than enough excitement to last us for a while.

We went to the Takapuna library as they have a bigger collection than the Albany library close to us and we are able to borrow books from all the North Shore libraries (up to 35 books). Caitlyn enjoyed exploring the kiddies section where they had some toys to keep the children busy and Bianca looked for some books for herself.

Then tonight we went to De Fontein (in Mission Bay, Auckland) where we saw Chris Melville in action and had a chance to meet him. Terence worked with Chris' mum in Wellington and it's a great opportunity for us to meet some people here in Auckland. Chris is a photographer, but is also a member of The Grand Central Band and on Sundays he plays at De Fontein too. I've always been interested in photography (although I'm not very good at all), so it's pretty cool meeting somebody who is actually working in this field. We really enjoyed meeting him, and the performance was really good, Chris has a really nice voice.

Tomorrow is exactly a week until Bianca's very first appointment at Starship. It is a bit scary not knowing exactly what to expect and how they do things here, but no doubt we will find out really quickly. Of course I'm excited too because I've heard really good things about Starship.

Bianca is extremely excited about camp. The letter inviting Bianca (as well as all the paperwork we need to complete) arrived yesterday . It was a bit of a last minute situation, but they had space and so we really want Bianca to go. She asked me to read the letter to her probably around 3 times. It is a jungle theme and so she'll need a costume or a mask or something that will make her look like an animal. So we'll spend this week getting ready. Camp is on Friday and they will all be back on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, that library looks superb! I'm so glad your kids enjoyed themselves. Libraries were a big part of my children's lives when they were growing up. (They are now 36 and 33!) And I STILL check out books for myself once or twice a week.

Please know that Prayers and Love continue to stream your way from my little corner of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Best Wishes, Susan
Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
United States