A puppy for Bianca

We had a pretty relaxing weekend.

On Saturday Bianca, Jody and I visited a lady by the name of Juliette. Juliette invited us a while ago, but something always came up and finally on Saturday it happened. They have the most gorgeous two golden retrievers (Summer and Merlin) and although a bit scared, Bianca loved seeing the dogs and she took some presents for them too. When she was very certain that they wouldn't jump up, she gathered all her courage and stroked their backs.

Here is Summer chewing on Bianca's present:

Juliette and Crispin gave Bianca a present that she absolutely adores. It goes everywhere with her and even sleeps with her. It is a cute little toy puppy, all curled up in its basket and when you switch it on it looks like it is breathing. This totally made her day and will see her through until one day she will be able to have her own real pets. Thank you so much for making my little girl's day special!

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Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! It´s been a while since I heard from you, but I hope everything is going fine. I do visit your blog every single day (sometimes even twice or three times) just to see how the girls are doing.
I really do miss them, and you, lots! It feels weird not being around children, and sometimes when I´m driving (on the right side, and so far so good) I sometimes look back, just to see if the girls are strapped in properly.
London and Turkey were fantastic contries and I had such a great time. Did you get my postcards? And now I´m back where I started from. But it´s been a lovely, fantastic and challenging year. And if I would do it once more, I would go back to you. I´m pleased to see that Jody arrived. Say hi to her from me, and of course, give the girls lots and lots of hugs from me. I think about you every day, and you are always in my heart, thoughts and prayers.
Now, while your up, I´m going to sleep. Another day at Mcdonalds is waiting for me tomorrow. "Welcome to Mcdonalds, please place your order when you´re done" And in comparacy to that, I do prefer stinky nappies.
Lots of love