Fruit on a hat...

Bianca has quite a good appetite at the moment. Well, she is still a fussy eater (we're trying to convince her that once you are 5 you get to try new things, but so far she hasn't really fallen for it), but at least she is eating. It is weird though because she is not on Dex at the moment and usually Dex is the one that would give her an appetite.

Today she noticed the fruit bowl on the kitchen counter and she asked:

"Is that a fruit bowl?"
"Yes it is"
"Can I put some fruit on a hat?"

I'm trying to think which show Bianca might have watched or which book showed a picture of a hat with fruit on it.

I am also really excited for Bianca. There is a Junior Mini Camp happening for oncology kids really soon and it is for kids from 5 and up. Each area has their own camps and things and so I am so happy that we came just in time for this one. I spoke to Jo from Wellington Hospital just to confirm that it should be fine for Bianca to go and she said "absolutely". We haven't yet met the Starship doctors so I thought it best to phone Jo. That means that for a weekend Bianca will stay somewhere with other kids and although it will be pretty hard to let her go off on her own, it is so very exciting for her. She is quite excited too at the thought of going on the camp and told her dad "in 8 sleeps, when the sleeps are done I'm going to a camp without you guys". But we'll keep explaining that we won't be there, so hopefully it won't start off traumatic! Thank you to Hannah (Laura's mum) for sharing the info with me. So fingers crossed no complications, illness or any other unplanned things. I really want Bianca to go and I think she will have the best time ever!!!

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Rachel said...

I find that the best way to get my little ones to eat something new is to give them the one new thing in a small quantity on a plate with lots of things that they are familiar with and they might just try it.