Getting settled in Auckland

We are not quite up and running yet, but we have arrived in Auckland and now begins the big job of having to unpack and trying to make the "new" rental house "home". Bianca loves her new room and it is a little bit bigger than the one she had before.

This weekend we spent some of the time just driving around a bit, visiting the Brown's Bay beach and joining the Albany library. So many things bring back memories for Terence and I about the time we lived in Auckland a couple of years ago before moving to Wellington. Little did we know then that we would again move to Auckland, but with a very different purpose.

Bianca is doing really well at the moment and we are crossing our fingers that our days of many infections are well and truly over and that she can settle into the maintenance phase. Certainly the last little while felt wonderfully "normal" and Bianca has just been a normal little kid. In one way I do feel that the monthly IVIG transfusions contributed to this and I'm wondering if the doctors at Starship will continue with these or not. If not, then it will be interesting to see if Bianca continues doing well or not. Bianca's first appointment at Starship will be on the 7th of July.

This morning Terence will try the bus system in Auckland on his way to the offices in Newmarket. Terence has his first day in the Auckland offices.

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