A very scary day!

The 2nd of June 2007 was on a Saturday. And unlike today it wasn't raining. We had plans to go out and do things, after Bianca came back from Kenepuru Hospital. A couple of weeks prior to the 2nd of June 2007, Bianca developed tonisillitis. We were glad to see the end of that as it was the worst Bianca was ever sick in her whole life and we thought those 2 weeks would just not end. She was clingy, emotional, had no appetite and it was challenging as Caitlyn was just over 3 months old.

On the 31st of May I discovered a swollen lymph node at the back of Bianca's head under her hair as I was tying up her hair for ballet. As it was 4pm I knew that we wouldn't be able to get a GP appointment for the following day and so we decided to take her to Kenepuru Hospital A&E to let them have a look at her.

So on the 2nd of June 2007, Terence took Bianca to Kenepuru in the morning and I remember doing dishes when they came back. I fully expected Terence to say, "oh it's nothing to worry about, it's just the last bits of the tonsillitis", but instead he said they were referred to Wellington Hospital and they were on their way.

That afternoon turned out to be never-ending as I waited and waited and waited. Finally Terence phoned to tell me that a blood test revealed low red blood cells and low platelets and that she was going to be admitted to the children's hospital and would need a blood transfusion. I asked him how long Bianca would have to stay and he indicated that it would have to be until the Tuesday as the Monday was a public holiday and they needed to do further tests. Wow that was a shock. "Well, can't she come home and we take her back on Tuesday?" "No, she has to stay"

I was supposed to pack boxes on this day (just as I was supposed to pack today), but instead I paced up and down and every few minutes sat at the computer and searched the internet for answers. And I prayed and prayed and prayed that it would just not be anything serious. I prayed that it would be something they can treat and cure. I was pretty freaked out and scared on this day.

Little did we know then just how significantly our lives would change...

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downeyseven said...

Just catching up and read the anniversary message. Just reading it makes my heart sink knowing the many days of hospitalizaion, sickness and fear, yet my heart rises as I am reminded "we are stronger than we think we are, sisters!" Truly, Lea, your strength and God's guiding hand has kept you and your precious family safe all 365 day days.