Camp Quality

As you all know Bianca went on Camp Quality on the 4th - 6th of July. She was so excited and kept asking "is it time yet?" I had to drop Bianca off at the Botanical Gardens and we were a bit early, but rather early than late and it was a good thing because Bianca fell asleep on the way and it was good just to let her have a rest.

Bianca had a companion who looked after her the whole weekend. Bianca's companion was Meriane and I have to say she was the perfect companion for Bianca.

Just prior to getting on the bus, Bianca was a bit shy, but soon lightened up when I suggested she chose a seat on the bus.

The theme for the weekend was "jungle" and we packed a lion costume for Bianca. They said Bianca looked so cute with the costume especially once they painted her face.

Bianca told me she saw a gorilla and got a bit of a fright until she realised it was just somebody dressed up as a gorilla.

Smiley (?) was a big hit with the kids and he was one of Bianca's favourite people at camp.

I understand they did lots of fun things and Bianca fitted in really well.

She even made 3 little friends. I am so pleased she had the opportunity to go. Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors and everybody involved for making this possible for my little girl and for giving her a chance just to be a regular kid for a little bit. Thank you so much. We can't wait for the next camp!!!

One last hug to say thank you to Meriane (and thanks to Meriane and others for taking lots of photos of Bianca at camp!):

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Annie - Steven's mom said...

Aaaawwwwwwwwww! I am SO glad it Bianca loved camp! Thats wonderful on all fronts. What a little gem she is - dealing with all this and then still ok about going to camp.. wow.
I loved the photos too.
love and light
Steven's mom