Signing up for school

This morning was a very exciting day. We went to sign Bianca up for school.

When the headmistress asked Bianca her name, Bianca said "It's Bianca" and then promptly said "B-I-A-N-C-A".

We had a quick meeting to discuss Bianca's specific requirements. They have another leukemia patient in one of the junior classes so it's not a brand new situation for them. We feel comforted that they are sufficiently prepared to deal with our special situation.

We then had a look around. We saw the room where kids can wait if they are not feeling well. We saw the hall and Bianca enjoyed visiting the Library.

The big highlight for Bianca was seeing her classroom and meeting her teacher. And of course when you have a teacher, you have to give your teacher an apple.

Just outside Bianca's class is the play area for the little kids.

And of course then we had to sort out Bianca's uniform.

I think Bianca is just so so excited and cannot wait for Monday. Tonight she wanted to know if she will be going to school tomorrow and I had to explain that it is still another 4 sleeps.


Johan said...

Hey guys, I'm very happy that you're signing up for school! I really hope Bianca enjoys it very much! Cheers, J

Anonymous said...

What a great milestone for you and Bianca, starting kindergarden. Good luck and keep up the good work. You should be very proud of how far you have come. Wonderful news!
I read your blog everyday.
Caring grandmother/mother