Goodbye Trees

Well, today we had to go to the towing company and collect all the stuff we still want to keep from our car. Because it was hit from behind on Friday, they have to write the car off. So this morning it was time to say goodbye to "Trees". Bianca named the car "Trees" when we got it and ever since, that was what she'd say when she talks about this car.

We have some eating problems again. It is hard though because I've heard that the chemo drugs sometimes change the way things taste and so I find that at the moment Bianca isn't always interested in the stuff she used to like. It is a bit of a struggle and of course, no matter what tricks I try she is not keen to try new things. It is a matter of deciding whether we will put the pressure on and push her to eat (and possibly make Bianca hate food and meal times) or if we will just go with the flow and try and find a common ground in the hope that after she is done with treatment she will enjoy the things she used to enjoy before she got sick. So we keep trying, but we don't put too much pressure on and then resort back to ProNutro if we have to. It seems to do the trick and at least it is healthy. It doesn't really matter how kids get their daily dose of vitamins and minerals, so if this is what we have to do, then so be it! And at least she does eat this.

It's been quite different being back in Auckland. In one way a lot of things have stayed the same. We recently drove past the place we lived when we first came and at least 2 of the 6 units still have the same people. Many shops are still the same, we recognise the different areas. But then we've changed so completely, our priorities, our thinking, our way of life - it's all changed. Don't get me wrong, Auckland is a nice city to live in, busy, but nice. It's just that it feels a little conflicting how in one way everything feels the way it used to and in another you realise just how much things have changed. So it's been different.

Tomorrow my little girl is going off on camp. It will be hard, but I'm so very excited for her. I think she will have so much fun. But more on this a little bit later.

And of course on Monday we have our very first hospital appointment at Starship. It feels unreal that we only have 3 more days of Round 2 of long term maintenance before starting Round 3 (the third set of 84 days).


Anonymous said...

nyseMaddie was like that with her diet, when she was having chemo, all she did eat was jam sandwiches, and drink water. But at least she was eating and drinking. Hang in there, come a time it will be Mum I'm straving!!!! Whats to eat!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea
Please send me your home email address.

Anonymous said...

I was sorry to hear about your car accident. I hope the insurance company has been nice.
We are the same with food. Chemo stuffs everything up and I have heard a few people say the same thing. Food is not worth the battle for me. So as long as Pete is eating, I am happy. And he doesn't like junk food, so he shouldn't go too far wrong. Some times I wish he did like junk food to try and get something differnt into him.
I hope your clinic appointment goes well on monday. Scott is really, really nice, and very knowledgable. And I hope that Bianca has a great time at the camp. I wonder if Pete will ever go on one of those camps.
Have a lovely day.

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Hi Lea

Glad you are all ok after the car accident! "Trees" - hmmmmm, interesting :)

My mom used to feed us chocolate cake when we did not feel like eating anything as children. She told us years later that it had everything in it that a child needs - and it worked with my kids when they were little and sick. Maybe its ok to try it with Bianca? If she likes chocolate cake she sure will be happy :)

I know what you mean about moving forward/on/away from people and places that seemed to stand still. In some ways it's comforting, in other ways kinda weird. Ah well, it is what it is.

I hope you manage to relax this weekend with your baby at camp - I bet she has a wonderful time!

love and light
Steven's mom