Goodbye Dex... for this month at least

Yesterday morning was the last 2-and-a-quarter tablets of Dexamethasone for this month. Thank goodness! It's been a trying few days with Bianca being a bit more emotional, slightly more grumpy and having a bigger appetite. Well, the appetite was great - even though she craved specific things.

Earlier in the week Jody, Bianca, Caitlyn and I took the ferry from Devonport to Auckland city. It was a cold, but sunny day and so we took advantage of this. There is quite a nice view from Devonport of the city.

We visited the Sky Tower. Some people are brave enough and they "jump" from the outside, but we decided to just go up on the inside. We saw the most magnificent views of Auckland.

Bianca saw "the Sky Tower" and "Rainbow Girl". She absolutely loved meeting them!

On the way back to the Ferry, Bianca saw a guy who stood really really still and when you give him some coins he would move or smile (or both). Bianca was so fascinated by him.

And of course I just had to show the All Black merchandise store to Jody:

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