Coughs, sneezes and a blocked nose

This morning Bianca had a few cold symptoms, and I asked her teacher to keep an eye on her. And as things go - at around 12pm Bianca had a slight fever (37.5). I was at school as they have assembly on Fridays around this time and parents are able to attend, so we agreed that they would take Bianca's temperature after assembly.

Assembly is really well done and each class gets a turn to participate in running the event. Not sure when Bianca's class will have a turn, but today was one of the junior classes. During assembly the headmistress introduced Bianca to the school and other teachers and reminded them about some of the important processes in place to keep Bianca safe.

When we took Bianca's temperature just after assembly - it was sitting at 37.4 and I decided to bring her home. Bianca was participating in her class activities, but she was quieter than usual, so it was better this way. Throughout the afternoon it fluctuated between 36.5 to probably around 37.2 or so, but luckily so far not higher than that. And I'm pretty sure this is as a result of the cold she has. Well, I'm pretty sure she has a cold - some coughs and sneezes and a blocked nose. Oh lucky us!

So now it is wait and see (and perhaps being on the safe side and have a bag packed just in case we'll have to stay in hospital).

I'm hoping the monthly IVIG transfusions will give Bianca a better chance to fight this cold.

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