Visit to the zoo

This afternoon we decided to visit the Auckland zoo. It was a great day and we felt comfortable that it is an outdoor activity which for us, feels more secure than an indoor activity where many more people could be sick.

On the way Bianca said that she felt hungry and it seemed her latest craving is hamburgers. But not just any, it has to be a bun with no sesame seeds, no sauce, no cheese, no tomato, just the bun, meat and lettuce. So Terence totally confused the people at Burger King.

It's been a very long time since we've been to the Auckland zoo, and we enjoyed it. It had the usual African animals and birds and of course monkeys.

We also quite enjoyed the Aussie enclosure.

And a big favourite was the enclosure with the cute little penguins.

The girls loved playing in the play area.

And of course we had to finish with a visit to the Kiwi Enclosure. We couldn't take any photos in this enclosure, but it was pretty cool to actually see a live kiwi. That was so cool!

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