Complaining of a sore leg

This morning Bianca woke up a little grumpy and complaining of a sore leg. So now we are just keeping an eye on it and hopefully it doesn't mean something bad and clears up by tomorrow. I'm really crossing fingers - I'm starting to enjoy "ordinary".

I also had to do a whopping list of blood tests this morning. Just routine. We've just enrolled at a new medical practice close to where we live and Caitlyn had to go for her 15 month vaccines. The locum sort of explained that they like their new patients to do full medicals or something to that effect - well not Caitlyn, but they wanted me to do the standard type of blood tests i.e. to check my cholestrol and so on. And of course I am pretty bad with needles so I cheated and used some Emla cream. Made a big difference.

At 2pm Bianca and I went to see Cinderella on Ice. It was really really good and Bianca was so excited. She kept saying "Cinderella is really pretty" and "the stepsisters are really mean". So it was a fun afternoon for the two of us.

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Scott said...

Keep fighting, Bianca! We're so proud of you!

Your friends in California (Ben and family)