All going great!

At the moment things are going really well.

Bianca is happy to eat whatever I pack for her school lunch and I feel quite proud of myself for packing something that is relatively healthy, so that is good. And I think she's definitely using more energy than before because often when we come home, she complains that she is hungry. So, pretty good appetite-wise. I was worried that the eating would become a struggle and thankfully not at all.

Next week will be interesting as Bianca starts her monthly Dex and some people find their kids don't cope well with school and Dex. But I've warned Bianca's teacher that things will most certainly be a bit different. I'm crossing fingers and hoping for the best.

Bianca has also now learned to swallow her 400 mg Aciclovir tablets. She can manage them when they are in 200 mg doses as the tablet is smaller, but the 400 mg one is much much bigger and we would usually cut this one in half. But the last few days she's been doing great with this huge tablet and swallowing it without it being cut. I have to say the pill swallowing kit that Kate, the most wonderful play specialist, put together for us has been the best thing ever!

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Janet H. said...

Came to your site from Chloe's and please add us to the prayer partner list for Bianca. We may be thousands of miles apart in distance but to God, it's a mere whisper of a breath!!!

Janet and Ray H.
Elk River, MN, USA