Star of the day

Bianca had another great day at school. She loved it very much and felt so proud that she was awarded "Star of the day". So she got a little backpack filled with fun activities to do. We need to take this backpack back tomorrow so the next "Star of the day" could have a turn as well.

And she seems to be quite happy eating the stuff we pack in her lunch box (well most of it anyway). I guess in some respects peer pressure is a wonderful thing... So I'm really happy about this. I was worried that I would have to try and work around eating problems which might stretch my creativity just a bit...

We have reached the halfway mark in our treatment plan. I can't help thinking of the one Shrek movie where Shrek and Donkey have to rescue the princess. When they reach the bridge, Donkey is too scared to cross the bridge and tells Shrek "but I know that half is safe".

I guess it is a little bit like our journey - because we know where we've been, we can say "we know that half is safe". The truth is we don't really know what lies ahead for us. We can only hope that, with the knowledge we've gained so far, we are well enough prepared for the next 415 days. So here we go...

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