A day of exhibits, mirrors and things

So it seems as if the leg pain was just a one off. Thank goodness.

This morning we decided to visit Motat. We haven't been here before but it was a fascinating place and Bianca (and Terence) loved every minute of it. It had so many cool gadgets and things. Part of it was your usual museum type of displays about old fire trucks, different type of engines, a jean batten exhibit, but there were many other displays that were fully interactive such as the mirror maze, experimenting with sound, lights and so much more. Totally kid-friendly! Caitlyn was a bit young, but very much suitable for Bianca's age. And the area that I quite enjoyed was the Victorian village with little cottages that were set up like many many years ago. That was nice.

Terence and Bianca also went into the voyager exhibit. It is something that looks like a big space ship and then you sit inside and it moves along with a show and gives you a 3D experience. Bianca excitedly told me all about going up in the air and seeing space and even a dinosaur bone. She wasn't even scared!

The whisper dishes were fun where Terence would whisper something to the one dish and then Bianca could hear it on her side. The fancy term (as Terence told me) they are parabolic reflectors aimed at each other

Bianca loved it so much she wanted to just keep going and if it wasn't for Caitlyn feeling tired we would have probably stayed all the way until closing time.

I can see this is going to be one of those places we will go to quite often.

This is one of the old fire engines:

At the energy exhibition:

A display at the camera and recording exhibition:

Having fun inside the mirror maze:

Terence and Bianca finding out about strong wind at this exhibit:

Tonight Bianca was feeling all inspired and she was doing "experiments" in the bath by mixing some shampoo, body wash and bubble bath together. Terence asked her what her results of her experiments were and she said "well... it's all slimy and greeny". Well, there you go - that's what happens when you mix these "elements" together.

My little scientist girl!

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