Kia ora to you all!

It is Maori Language Week this week and so we'll start off by saying Kia ora!

Is it Thursday already? I can't believe that this week is going so very quickly and certainly our lives now have a slightly different routine. A good feeling though that things are pretty settled at the moment. Bianca seems to cope really well with each day at school and every day I ask her "what did you enjoy the most?" she would then answer "I loved it all". And the exciting bit - Bianca's already made 2 friends.

Of course in a bit more than a week we'll start with steroids and I've been warned that school and steroids don't really mix very well together. So it will be interesting to see how it goes.

It seems as if Bianca is losing some hair again. Not lots and lots, but certainly if I run my fingers through her hair then I see some hair in my hand and I also notice it on her school vest when I get her from school in the afternoons. So not too sure if this is thanks to the Vincristine or not. I'm really hoping she won't lose all her hair again. But this is probably just me being paranoid a bit...

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