Back at school!

This morning really early Bianca came into our room and she had this smile on her face. Terence asked her why she was so happy and she said "because I love school". She just couldn't wait to get back to school. And one day I will tell her "remember when you were 5..." :-). She had a great day at school and was the Star of the Day. On the way home I was trying to teach her our home number and she looked at me and said "that's not my number". I asked her what her number is and she said "0, 0, 2, 2, 1, 1, 9, 9, 0, 0" (so there you have it...). We feel so blessed to have this opportunity for her to go to school and do normal things.

Last week I ventured into the city to catch up with one of my previous bosses. In fact, he was my very first boss shortly after we arrived in New Zealand and I temped at his company for around 6 months. It is a great company and I got along with pretty much everybody there. It was great to catch up with him and get all his news. He's been at this particular company for nearly 40 years (and says that this was his second job) - quite a bit different to how things work nowadays :-).

And of course he is very very proud of the fact that he is now a grandfather and his little granddaughter is the same age as Caitlyn so it was so cool to see how very similar they are in stages and Caitlyn does the same cute things this little girl does. You can just see how very proud he is when he speaks of this little girl and he described just how much fun she is to have around and how he likes to give her 110% of his attention when they are together. I find this totally amazing considering that he has a full time job at this company too and it isn't as if he sits there doing nothing all day long. But then that has always been his personality, even at work, he is never too busy if one of the staff needs to discuss something with him. Afterwards I briefly caught up with two of my friends from the days I worked at this company - it is always great to catch up with people like these!

I cannot believe we are halfway through October already. We are in the last term of the school year, we are sitting with a little more than 10 months left to the last day of treatment, and generally things are going well. Soon registrations for Funrazor will open and I hope you will all sponsor me as I shave my hair off to raise funds for the Child Cancer Foundation in December this year. This is such a good organisation to support and the support they provide families are absolutely wonderful. More details on this fundraiser soon!

There are a number of organistions that I will always be looking to support:
  • The Child Cancer Foundation
  • Camp Quality
  • Make-a-Wish
  • Blood bank (Bianca has had more than 30 blood product transfusions to date and without these kids like Bianca won't stand a chance)
  • Bone Marrow Register (so many kids require a bone marrow transplant as part of their treatment (adults too) and we've been lucky that up to now, we haven't required this, but there are many others who need this).
  • And of course I will always look to support the play specialists at Wellington hospital as they rely on donations to be able to stock up on toys and games for kids in hospital and without Kate and Megan it would have been such a tough time for us (considering we spent 106 days as inpatient in hospital last year.
Of course there are others too, but these are so very relevant to our lives and we have experienced first-hand the wonderful wonderful work these people do with virtually no government funding (if any).

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Casdok said...

What a lovely smile to be greeted with!!
There are so many wonderful organisations as you say with very dedicated people. Where would we be with out them?