A fairy tale day...

Today (Saturday) was a lot of fun. Earlier in the week we received tickets through the Child Cancer Foundation (thanks to the Southern Stars Charitable Trust) to go to a theatre performance of The Adventures of the Three Little Pigs.

This time round we thought it would be suitable for Caitlyn too, and so the 4 of us went to the show. When we got there they had some facepainting and so of course Bianca just had to get her face painted. Usually she is a tiger, but today, she chose to be a butterfly.

Caitlyn was a little bit fussy and a couple of times we had to run after her (you don't always realise just how fast 19 month olds can be when they want to), but for most of it was quite fascinated by it all and for a large part of the show sat on my lap and even participated when everybody had to "shout" at the wolf. Bianca simply loved it and she laughed so much that we couldn't help laughing too. Of course it was slightly different to the original version of the Three Little Pigs and in addition to the wolf and the three little pigs it also featured Little Red Riding Hood, the three bears and Goldilocks. Afterwards Bianca kept saying "that wolf was clumsy".

What was also great was that after the show we were able to meet the actors and get their autographs and Bianca managed to get the autographs of the Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, 2 of the three pigs, 2 of the three bears and a couple more. Bianca really wanted to ask Goldilocks for her autograph too, but unfortunately we didn't have a chance.

Thank you so much to CCF for including us and thank you so much to the Southern Stars Charitable Trust for making this possible for us.

This term at school their theme is bugs and minibeasts including frogs and their lifecycles. So Bianca has been quite fascinated with bugs and finding bugs to put in a container and saying "but I'll put holes in it". So this afternoon she was out in the garden trying to find some sort of bug to put in her container. They must have expected it because there were no bugs to be found. I think I will leave this activity for Terence to do with Bianca... Here Bianca is putting some leaves and flowers inside her container to try and attract some bugs.

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