Great news for Wellington

Today is a good day for Wellington Hospital. The new paediatric oncologists arrived! (News article here). That is such good news for any new families and other families who were sent away for treatment. Of course it would be good if there were no new families, but unfortunately there are always new people joining this "club".

What this means for Wellington now is that they are able to return to a full service, kids won't have to be sent away for treatment anymore (although I'm not sure about bone marrow transplants). I do know that they have some great plans for the unit which will hopefully be put in place in the not so distant future. There really are some great people fighting for and believing in the unit and I am very happy that things can be better in Wellington. It is just unfortunate that it took the resignation of the two previous specialists for the hospital management to actively work on fixing the problems, but that is all done now and it is good to see how very committed they are now. As far as I know the management representative still meets with families on a regular basis and that is so good to include parents in the communication process.

It won't really affect us at this point in time, for now we are still living in Auckland and we are hoping to remain with our current paediatric oncologist who is really brilliant at what he does. We have only around 10 months left of treatment and so it makes sense to try and stay until the end of treatment.

We are quite realistic that it will take the new Wellington specialists a few months to get on top of everything, and so for now for us, it is better to remain with a doctor who currently knows Bianca and her history quite well. Of course we do keep an open mind and if we get to a point where we have to move back to Wellington, then we will do so, knowing now that at least the specialist care would be in place for Bianca. But as always in this journey, we just take each day as it comes, not planning too far in advance, knowing very well how quickly and unexpectedly things can change or move into a different direction than we anticipated.

But we also remain hopeful that things will continue for us as it has been the last couple of months, pretty ordinary, pretty boring, pretty settled. Sometimes we feel a little scared of the unknown, that fear will always be in the back of our minds, but we try very hard to remain positive, to focus on now and not to worry what may or may not lie around the corner.

On a last note, this coming Sunday Bianca will get her Make-a-Wish. More details shortly!!! And Funrazor registrations will open soon, will be looking for lots of sponsors!


Kristy said...

I've followed Sean's blog for a long time, I learned about the lack of doctors from keeping tabs on his blog. I am so glad that there is a doctor now. I pray however, that those kind of doctors are put out of business and that that 'club' is disbanded and the diseases are gone!! However, God has it all under control, even when we don't understand.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that the children in Wellington will now have the best medical care available to them.
I also can't wait to hear about Bianca's make a wish. What a wonderful organization Make a Wish is.
Always in my thougts
Rosemary NY USA