A day of dress ups and freaky fingers

Yesterday we went to a halloween themed morning at the CCF family place. The kids (and Jody) loved the chance to dress up.

Jody made these freaky looking finger biscuits, but they tasted really nice.

And other than that the girls just loved playing with the other kids, eating, discovering the toys, eating, doing some crafts, eating. At one point Bianca pointed to Jody and told one of the girls who helped out "she's a witch, and she's our au pair" (hmmm, somehow I don't think the two concepts belong in the same sentence).

The Child Cancer Foundation is such a great organisation to be part of. They always organise these fun things to let the kids just be normal kids and the chance to socialise with other kids. And of course it gives us parents the chance to meet up with other parents who walk the same road as us.

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Anonymous said...

OMG - those biscuits are awesome, in a disturbing kind of way. It sounds like a great day.