And so we continue...

This morning Bianca asked me to make her a ponytail. So I managed a little one at the top of her head. Her hair is still quite thin and still pretty short and as soon as I was done she said: "thank you, now all the kids at my school will know I'm a girl". For most of it having short hair doesn't really bother her too much, but no doubt she must have had some "boy" comments from some kids who are not in her class, and her hair is the shortest of all the girls in her class.

Bianca woke up pretty happy, but then at around 12pm I got a call from the school. Bianca just wasn't herself and complaining of a sore tummy. So I went to get her and brought her home. For the rest of the afternoon she was very clingy and pretty sad. So I guess there is a chance tomorrow morning that we would rather keep her at home, but we'll see. I really really hate steroids. I cannot wait for Saturday. However our steroid dose isn't nearly as bad as the dose little Kyah was on for around 3 weeks. Bianca's daily dose is 5mg a day for 5 days each month. Little Kyah was on 20mg a day for 3 weeks and they have now lowered it to 10mg. Now that is tough!!!

Bianca is pretty disappointed with the advertising strategies of some of the toy companies. For a while now she really really wanted Father Christmas to bring her one of this Fur Real pets (the white one) and then you can put it into a little pink handbag and take it with you wherever you go. The idea of this toy is that it resembles a real dog. So yesterday I asked her if she really is sure she wants to ask for it. I showed her how it doesn't really do much other than move its head (making a bit of a mechanical sound in the process), makes something that resembles a barking sound and other than that it doesn't do anything. So she stood there saying, "but I thought it would follow me". "Well yes, it does, but only because you put it in the handbag and carry it wherever you go". So in the end she decided that "no she doesn't want this anymore". So now she'll ask Father Christmas to bring her a big surprise (but not the doggie), oh and a Rapunzel DVD (which I know "Father Christmas" already has in stock). So a bit of a lesson to learn, that not all toys are the way they show them on TV.


Anonymous said...

Ah the dreaded dex... I do really think this is the hardest part of the protocol on the children and by extension their families. I gave up sending Leonie to school while on dex as she was so unlike herself in personality. I think it also effected the way the other children viewed her, head down on the table, no energy for games and so on. On her dex days we did a bit of home schooling (no way could I do that full time so I have great admiration now for people who do) and spent our time reading cook books, talking about resturants and cooking up a storm. I can really feel for you
with the food madness that is associated with that steriod. Leonie took her last ever dex tonight but is too grumpy, tired and miserable to appreciate the significance !

Best wishes from the far side of the world,


Anonymous said...

I almost burst into tears when I read:
"thank you, now all the kids at my school will know I'm a girl"

I grew up as fairly boyish looking little girl and as a result I have huge issues around looking butch as an adult, I hope this experiene does not cause the same reaction for Bianca.


Jess Hilton said...

Bianca is such an amazing example. Today she wore her cute ponytail to school again and worried about her hat crushing her hair when we went out for fitness...
She is such a gem and always full of smiles, trying her best at school.
We love having her in Rm 13!