A fascinating evening

Tonight (Friday night) Christina from Terence's work came to visit and it was so much fun. Of course the kids thought this was just the best and you should have seen them show off.

Christina is also from Canada and she has such a fascinating background. She is trained in archaeology and she is able to identify shells and things like that. When I look at a shell, that's what I see - a shell. She looks at a shell and she sees a star shell or a pipi, a venus shell, a triangle shell, a cockle, scallop shell, some mussel shells (which way back then people used to eat with and sharpen and used as knives) (okay, I knew this was a mussel shell) and even an ostrich foot shell.

Bianca dug up this shell (that I honestly thought was a pretty ugly shell and it looked all broken, but Bianca liked it when we saw it) and Christina immediately said that it consisted of 3 shells stuck to each other. Of course now I am able to see it, but not before.

Bianca was so fascinated to learn the different names of the different shells and the type of animals that might have lived inside them.

Here is an ostrich foot shell:

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