Have you seen it?

This evening Caitlyn was playing with the phone. She would pick it up, stick it against her ear and then say:
"ha fi wa-wa who" (probably 19 month old conversation for "how are you?"
She would then take it "off" her ear, look at it and say "bye" when we remind her you always say bye at the end of the conversation. Sometimes she will pass it on to somebody else almost as if saying "this is for you".

And then after this it was time for bath and then bed. Of course it was around this time that I needed to make a call. Looked on the desk where I thought we left the handset, but nothing. Looked on top of the DVD player, nothing. Okay, so I do what most people would do and tried ringing the number from my cell and it sounded busy (Panic!) "Terence! I can't find the phone and it sounds as if Caitlyn pressed the talk button and left it somewhere".

We look, but nothing. Not under the couch, not under one of her books and I was about to throw out all the toys from her toybox when Terence tried the conferencing option from the base-station:
"can you hear me?!"
"well, yes, I can hear your voice from the room!"
"how about now?!"
"Still nothing!".
And then something (not sure what) prompted me to put my hand in my jacket pocket -
"never mind, I found it!"

Boy do I feel stupid!!!

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Kristy said...

That was funny!!