Just for a laugh

Before I start tonight's entry I'd like to tell whoever may not know, when you pronounce my name you say "Leah" and not "Lee" as many people do pronounce my name. I have the Afrikaans spelling of the name "Leah" and therefore no "h" at the end of my name. But you pronounce "Lea" as "Leah". Okay, so now that I have told you this, tonight Bianca came to me and she said:

Bianca: "Why are you Lea and not Bee-ah (beer)

Me: "I don't know, why?"

Bianca: "Because you are not fizzy!"

I could not help laughing. She does like telling jokes and one of her favourites is:

Bianca: "Knock, knock"

You: "Who's there?"

Bianca: "I'm Up"

You: "I'm Up Who?"

Bianca: "Ha-ha, you said you're a poo!"

Now on to other things:

Caitlyn seems to be better and the rash seems mostly gone. The doctor called tonight and at first I had no clue who he was at first (it wasn't a doctor that I have seen before and of course even though he promised to phone this weekend, I sort of thought I'd have to wait until next week). He indicated that it probably was just a reaction to a viral infection and that her blood test results came back just fine. So that is a relief. Of course I'm not too sure what Bianca's blood results are like and just hope that she doesn't pick up whatever it was that Caitlyn had. Hopefully the IVIG was enough to see her through and hopefully her counts are still okay, but we won't know until Tuesday when we are due back at the hospital for our monthly visit.

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Chatabox Girl said...

Spelling is such a strange thing! I know a person who is spelt "Leah" but she is actually pronounced "Lee". The opposite of your way!

Bianca's Jokes are so sweet!