Hello steroids...

Yesterday we started our monthly steroids. Today Bianca was a bit clingy and definitely starting to want to eat only specific things.

Bianca: "I'm hungry"
Lea: "What would you like to eat?"
Bianca: "Maybe a roll with ham"
So I made her a breadroll with ham. Bianca took one bite and then declared "I'm not hungry anymore".

Later she asked for a Subway which I got in time for supper and she finished it. Then she couldn't wait for the time to be up after her chemo this evening (she has to wait 1 hour after chemo before she can eat again) and then she ate some popcorn, pretty much most of the bag and she said: "It's yummy!"

But that's steroids for you!

We had a great day at the CCF activity day which was held at the Family Place. That was so much fun. Jody and Caitlyn came along and Caitlyn had fun looking around, discovering the table with snacks and just trying out some of the toys they have there. It was also really good to catch up with some of the other families.

Bianca also wanted to know how long the school holidays are and then promptly said: "I want to go to school now" - I had to explain that it won't be possible because her teachers are all on holiday too. Now give it a couple more years and I'll have to remind her about this...

Watch the space, it is nearly time for Funrazor registrations again, but more on this a little bit later!

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