A fussy day for Caitlyn

Last night Caitlyn had a bit of a rough night, well, I guess it started with her not really wanting supper. So she woke up a couple of times during the night and at some point (probably around 3am) she wanted Terence to hold her and rub her tummy. This morning was okay, but she was still fussy throughout the day and every so often she would become slightly happy and settled and then the next moment all grumpy and fussy again and her temperature was slightly high at some point. She wasn't really interested in breakfast or lunch, but finally ended up eating supper. Right now she does seem fairly happy in the bath. So I'm hoping that after a good night sleep, she'll be back to her old self again tomorrow.

Bianca is still very much talking of yesterday - it was such a fantastic day, she watched some of the Suzy episodes on her new DVDs and last night Bianca took the unicorn with her to bed. This morning Bianca woke up and briefly complained of sore legs, but she seemed okay and so she went to school and then after that had a play date with one of her school friends. She went home with them and so it felt quite weird not having to pick her up from school. She had lots and lots of fun. She said they played school and she was the teacher. She was Miss Hilton (her teacher's name). My little girl sure is growing up.

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