Yet another day of Dex

Just like last month, the second-to-last day of steroids was pretty full-on. One moment she seemed happy and laughing, the next she was lying on the couch asking for a blanket.

And she was hungry. Oh boy! She ended up eating most of the day finishing off with 3 lunches. No wonder she keeps complaining of a sore tummy, but the hunger is completely beyond her control - that is one of the very common side-effects of the Dex.

After an afternoon nap (usually she wouldn't sleep in the afternoon, but the Dex has the habit of making kids quite tired too and they don't always sleep very well at night), she woke up pretty happy, but no less clingy and suddenly not hungry at all. I had to convince her to eat a little bit because we have to give the Dex. with food and I got her to eat a few bites.

This week was busier than I thought it would be and I can't believe that there is only one more week of school holidays left.


Kristy said...

Thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
Sorry, I can't find your email address anywhere so have to write here. I do want to make a complaint, but how do you do it? Can you please email me oolah@xtra.co.nz or ring 8321295.
I guess Bianca has finished steroids by now, so I hope that she is all back to normal. It was great seeing you guys the other day.
Take care,