Our magic wish part 2

Yesterday I received a call from Steve (our Make-a-Wish volunteer) and he mentioned that as part of Bianca's Make-a-Wish on Sunday, they wanted to give her some extra presents from Make-a-Wish, but that it didn't arrive in time. So we kept it as a surprise for Bianca and tonight Steve arrived with this big box. Well, you should have seen Bianca's face when she realised it was for her. She had no idea what to expect and couldn't wait for Terence to open the box.

Well, what a wonderful surprise! She got a little Barbie laptop, a kid-friendly digital camera, some stickers, a Make-a-Wish t-shirt and hat, a DVD with Barney songs, a Decorate-your-own-t-shirt kit and a Decorate-your-own-hat kit and a little Kiwi soft toy wearing a Make-a-Wish t-shirt.

Bianca couldn't wait to get started on the little laptop and as soon as Terence put batteries in the camera, she proceeded to take loads of photos and almost blinded Steve in the process. Here is one she took:

Wow, what a wonderful surprise and so much more than Bianca wished for! Thank you so very much to Steve and to Make-a-Wish. This was so incredibly special, amazing and magical and truly made Bianca's day. First meeting Suzy and then tonight getting this wonderful surprise, thank you so very much!

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