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It all started last night with Bianca waking up with a sore ear. In the end she slept with me in bed so I could be near in case she needed me. She woke up a number of times and finally at around 2am I got up and gave her some pain meds to see if that might make her feel a little bit better.

This morning Bianca's ear was still very sore, she was crying, and just generally not really herself. When we rang the hospital her temperature was sitting around 37.4 degrees and the hospital told us that we could bring her in and they would have a look. So at around 11am we went to hospital.

Bianca's temperature by this time was around 38.4 and so we needed to get some bloods done. We then saw one of the registrars who confirmed that her levels were all good, her neutrophils jumped from around 2 last month to around 3 now (this is often a sign that kids are fighting some kind of infection). Bianca has a bit of a cough, but her chest is clear, it is really just that her ear was quite red and swollen inside, so likely an ear infection that we are dealing with. But just to be safe, they took another blood sample to culture to see if there is something else. For most of the time Bianca slept and she was just generally unhappy and grumpy. So Bianca is admitted tonight for fluids and IV antibiotics and they will review tomorrow morning. It's funny how these things always seem to happen on a Sunday...

Regardless of how long Bianca might be in, I do expect tomorrow to be a little bit of a busy and longish day as Bianca will have her monthly clinic visit so she'll get the usual Vincristine and her IVIG and then the dreaded steroids.

Tonight Terence is at the hospital with Bianca and I will be home with Caitlyn and we'll take it from there.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hope she gets better soon and I´m keeping my fingers crossed for a short stay at the hospital.

Give her a hug from me!

Lots of love

Becs Todd said...

Hey Lea,
Hope the morning looks brighter for you all and Bianca is back to having that beautiful smile on her face.
Take care
Becs Todd

puppygirl said...

Oh dear, I hope she is feeling better really soon. On a happier note I see that you have already exceeded your goal of money to raise for funrazor - woohoo!!! Juliette

Clare said...

Oh I do hope she's feeling better tomorrow. There is nothing worse than an ear infection.

Anonymous said...

Hoping that Bianca's ear infection clears up quckly and easily and that Bianca will be home before you know it!

Thinking of you

Anonymous said...

I hope Bianca has a quick recovery from the ear infection. Tomorrow does not sound like a fun day for you all. Thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

You are so right, it is strange how things always happen on a Sunday...Heres hoping things are much better this morning and Bianca is home again tonight. Take care

Anonymous said...

Hope that infection clears up quickly, and that Bianca feels better and gets out of that hopital soon!!
Ruby xx

Suzanne said...

Keeping you all in my thoughs

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea

Hope everything is ok!

Take care

Bridget said...

Thinking of you all and hoping for a positive posting from you soon.

Take care.