Another vote for size zero

Thank you very much to Christy, Jo and Del (SuperRelish) for sponsoring me to shave off my hair for Funrazor. I had another vote for size zero, so it looks likely that that is what I will do. Every little bit counts and will make a big difference to help the Child Cancer Foundation do the work they need to do. It is a shame they don't get any government funding because the work they do is so very necessary and so many people are impacted every single year. So thank you so much for sponsoring me (click here if you still want to sponsor me). Of course another way to get involved would be to register and get your own hair shaved off (click here for the site to register yourself, if you want).

It seems that Caitlyn has a bit of a tummy bug and I think we will be in for a rough night. It all started after lunch just around the time when she was supposed to have a nap. And so it carried on throughout the afternoon. She did eat a little bit of rice this evening, so hopefully it doesn't go too bad tonight.

I noticed this afternoon that Bianca seems to be losing hair again. When she runs her hand through her hair she has a quite a bit of hair left in her hand. It is probably the Vincristine. I just can't wait until we are all done with treatment so that her hair can grow back properly and not fall out again. Her hair doesn't seem to grow much at the back of her head at the moment.

[I spoke too soon, Caitlyn's rice just came back up - sigh!!!]

Well, better run. I have a feeling we'll be in for a long night, I have a load of washing to catch up on and I need to get going on my project.

Please could you keep little Kyah and her family in your prayers and thoughts tonight.


Anonymous said...

I hope your nigt wasn't too rough!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lea! I've just sponsored you and wrote i'll give you another 30 NZD$ if you gor for a number 1. I meant zero! Sorry...

Love to you and all your family. -x-

Claire from West Yorkshire, UK.

Lea White said...

Thank you so much Claire, much appreciated! Every little bit is making a big difference!!!

I guess it will have to be a size zero then :-).

I'll make sure I post photos on the blog and on the site!