Snow in spring?

Things over here are going pretty well and we can't really complain. It certainly feels much more settled than last week on steroids, and by Friday the big appetite arrived (typical steroids) and by Saturday we had our last dose for this month (until the end of this month). It definitely was worse than last month and the side-effects happened pretty much straight-away. We always have some kind of side-effects, but it doesn't always happen that quickly. But I guess now that that's out of the way, we'll expect it for the end of this month when we do our next week of steroids.

On Sunday we had some friends over for dinner and they work with Terence and were down from Wellington for a conference. It was a great evening catching up and pretty much just chatting until it was time for them to head off back to the city to their hotel. The past two days Terence has been getting some great compliments on the girls and how well behaved they are. It feels great that they are so well behaved that people actually notice. We've even had it at the shops before where people would make comment on good manners and so on. The girls make us so proud!!!

The conference, which started on Sunday, was until today (Wednesday) and Terence found it really interesting. He even won a prize! I know one of the topics I would have found really interesting, is about the way kids learn and how to make it more effective in the classroom. Not sure how things work nowadays in the classroom in South Africa and whether it is still the same as when I went to school, but they are very innovative at Bianca's school.

I was quite surprised to read that it has been snowing in Queenstown, and certainly large parts of the South Island looks pretty cold at the moment. So if you are planning on traveling here any time soon or moving here, know that it is a bit on the cold side at a time when we are on our way to summer.

For now, not much else (apart from the usual day to day things we need to do) happening which in itself is a great concept for us.

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Suzanne said...

I think its wonderful that things are "quiet" hugs to your amazing girls