Last night tonight!!!

A big thank you to Casey O'Leary, Char and Marg for sponsoring me to participate in Funrazor. Only 6 more days... if you would like to sponsor me, please click here.

Yesterday was a better day, but only because Bianca wasn't as sad and emotional. She was quite tired though and around 12pm the school called and asked if I could come and get her. She didn't want to eat her lunch, she was quiet and just seemed tired. As I got there all the other kids were out playing and enjoying the sunny day and I couldn't help realising how very different life is for us. We try very hard to do normal, ordinary things, but unfortunately things like the steroids often interfere with things like that. But she had a long nap after school and a definite improvement last night.

Today she coped with the full day at school, but once again, really tired after school and tonight.

Thankfully, tonight was the very last night of steroids for this month.


Anonymous said...

Poor Bianca, it really can't be much fun for her or for any of you for that matter. On the bright side, at least the week of steriods is now over!
Yay weekend!

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaw Lea, I am glad 'Steriod Week' is over for you all. It sounds like a really rough time and I am glad it's behind you now.
Hopefully the weekend will help you all relax and enjoy.
Big hug

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry that Bianca had a hard steroid week. I know how difficult and painful it is to watch your child go through this. One more month down and 9 more times to go. There is definitely an end in sight. It's hard to look forward, but look how far you all have come. Here is hoping that next month will be a breeze! I really wish it could be for you.
Thinking of you and Bianca,