Thank you

Just wanted to say a big thank you also to The Wolfe Family, Jaime, joanw, Kristan Mildren and Sharon Bennett for sponsoring me to participate in Funrazor. Only 13 more days and I will get all my hair shaved off.

If you would like to help, you can:


  • You can sponsor me to shave off my hair - I don't mind shaving it all off. I did it last year and this year I will do it again! Visit my fundraising site by clicking here. It is a secure site that allows you to contribute using a credit card and it goes directly into the Child Cancer Foundation bank account (and it also enables people from other countries to contribute and support Bianca as well). You will even get a receipt to show the payment. Every single cent raised goes directly to the Child Cancer Foundation. If you are scared of the whole online payment thing, please let me know and if you are in my area, then you can donate cash and we will complete your details on the Funrazor form and you will be sent a receipt or I can let you know the actual bank account number for the Child Cancer Foundation and I'm fairly certain they accept cheques as well.
So there are some options to get involved. It doesn't matter how big or small the donation, every little bit will make a huge difference.

The Child Cancer Foundation doesn't receive any government funding and yet they do such important work and people like us simply would not have coped with Bianca's illness if it was not for them. Raising money through events like Funrazor is a way for them to raise awareness and to raise much-needed funds for them to continue providing this service. None of us chose for our children to get sick, it happened, without any kind of warning and for many of us treatment can take years and even after that there will still be tests and things like that.

I am participating because I am so very passionate about the Child Cancer Foundation. This is our way of giving back to them and saying thank you for all the wonderful support they give us. Many of you asked before what you could do to help us and this is definitely a way you can help!

On the 4th of December I will be there, getting my hair shaved off as a tribute to my wonderful little girl Bianca who has inspired me throughout her journey and continues inspiring me every single day of our lives and also to say thank you to some of the wonderful people who have been there for us, ever step of the way!

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