An opportunity to help

Some of you might recall last year December when I got my hair shaved for Funrazor. I even made front page news which was great publicity for such a great cause. Well, this year I will be shaving my hair again and best of all (if all goes according to plan) Bianca will be right there helping to shave my hair. Last year I went to size 1 and this year I might very well go down to size zero (so let me know 1 or zero - which do you prefer...)

I set up a fundraising site (click here for my site) which will make it really easy for you to sponsor me (of course unless if you choose to get your own hair shaved) and I really hope you are able to help me reach (and if possible exceed) my target. It is a secure site and all proceeds will got directly to The Child Cancer Foundation here in New Zealand.

They have been absolutely marvellous in their support to us (and so many other families). They don't get any government funding and rely on events like these to raise the funds they need to do their really important job. In our case, active treatment alone is 2.5 years and we are not done yet, we still have 10 more months to go. Then it is still not done as there will be ongoing tests as we go forward. CCF has become family to us. They were there right from day 1. Way back in June 2007 when Bianca was diagnosed, they organised this big bag full of stuff. Things to help with overnight stays in hospital, meal vouchers, loads of reading material, and when we were all worried about Bianca's first hair loss, they even organised us a pink bandanna for her. Since then they have always been there for us, they are our voice when we need them to help us out with decisions at the hospital, they help with whatever help we need (and so many parents suddenly have to cope with only one income), they organise time for us to meet other people or things to let our kids just be kids and most of all, they are right there listening when all we want to do is talk, or just be there if we don't feel like talking. This journey would have been so incredibly incredibly hard if it was not for the Child Cancer Foundation.

We've certainly had our fair share of ups and downs and amongst other things Bianca had kidney stones, shingles, unknown viral infection which resulted in a hospital stay of 34 days and mostly on oxygen, a severe reaction to one of her treatments which means she can never have that same one again, around 106 days in hospital with various infections, a severe bronchospasm, more than 30 blood product transfusions, around 80 days spent in isolation or where she was neutropenic. But despite all this, Bianca always smiles, she never complains, she loves life and just does what she needs to. She is such an amazing little girl!

So this year I will get my hair shaved again, and I hope you are able to sponsor me and pass this information on to others who might be interested. If you are in the Auckland area, come and meet us on the day. The plan is that Bianca will be right there helping to shave my hair (I sincerely hope I won't lose an ear in the process :-) ).

Just as last year I will post before and after photos so you can see the results. My hair is fairly long at the moment and since December 2007 I've only had 1 haircut so far, so I will be well and truly ready for this annual hair cut.

This is your chance to help brave and amazing kids like Bianca!!!


Anonymous said...

Lea I recommend you go with zero. That is how I shaved my hair/head in Feb this year. What a weird feeling for a few weeks therafter. My hair has already grown back and most people can't believe that I shaved it all off. It really is an amazing thing to do and if your blog followers can't be there to shave their hair off with you then I strongly recommend they sponsor you. I am going to try and convince Connor to shave his hair off next year with me.
Hugs and kisses to the girls.

Anonymous said...

Lea, you've inspired me. Every year my husband and I throw a Christmas party for our friends where we require that they pay to attend and we donate the proceeds to a chosen charity. I've been battling to decide what what charity to support this year, but I think you've helped me decide, we'll go with CHOC and Reach For A Dream.
Will send you the photo's!

Anonymous said...

Zero! :P good luck

superrelish said...

Good luck with the head shave - I vote zero!