Cancer sux!!!

The last little while has been pretty sad and pretty heartbreaking and last night and today probably worse than before. These times I can't help thinking how very unfair life sometimes can be. There are days like these that all I can think about is how much cancer sux.

Just a mere 2 months ago (I think it was in September), little Kyah relapsed (she has Neuroblastoma) and she had no further treatment options. I remember reading about it in disbelieve and it just hit me and I couldn't function for a couple of days. There is no way I could even imagine what it must be like getting news like this, here is a little girl who has only ever known what it is like living in a hospital, having a nose tube that had to be reinserted each time she got sick and it came out, having medicines and so much more. She was around Caitlyn's age when she was diagnosed. She was doing so well and then suddenly all those hopes and dreams were shattered with the word "relapse". I think what makes this particularly hard for me is that we know them, we have followed their journey for such a long time now, we cried when they made a particularly tough treatment decision, we laughed with them when there were good times, we were so happy that she coped fairly well with all the very intense treatment and with them we celebrated the last day of radiation, the day her hickman line was removed and the day the removed her NG tube.

She is just a little kid who is supposed to enjoy life and have fun, but instead her life revolved around whatever medical procedures needed to happen.

Last year this time, Kyah was still in Christchurch with her mum and they had a fun outing to the Botanical Garden and now? She has now reached her final stages and it is just so incredibly heartbreaking and sad to think that she won't even see her 3rd birthday (on the 28th of November).

I'm so incredibly sad for them. Please could you keep them in your thougths and in your prayers so that they will find strength and comfort during this incredibly difficult and challening time.


Anonymous said...

How unbelievabley SAD! You are so right, Cancer SUX and life is so damn unfair. There can be no answer to the question why? I just wish we could know!
Kyah and her family are in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend Kyah's very sad situation. There are no words only more questions and no answers. So sorry you are dealing with this sadness.
Sending thoughts and prayers to Kayh and family and to you and yours.

Suzanne said...

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