Losing hair again...

A great big thank you to all my generous sponsors out there - you guys are making a big difference! Thank you to Sophia Elize - NZ Art Guild; Paul, Cathy, Scott and Fiona; Bridget Kenny; Sam; Simon Jordan; Lynley Marwick; Lena, Alistair and Tyler; Claire in Huddersfield, UK; C, J & Z; Pacific Forum Line (NZ) Limited; The Duxfields and Annie Wong. Thank you so much for sponsoring me to shave off my hair for Funrazor. A few more votes for size zero.

Speaking of hair, Bianca's hair seems pretty thin at the top at the moment. I've noticed the past couple of days she's been losing hair again. I guess that must be the Vincristine, but it is frustrating as we really just want her hair to start growing properly now. It doesn't seem to grow much at the back and so it is still very short. It has longer bits to each side, but even that doesn't seem to grow very fast. Only 9 more months to go, well, more like 9 months and 4 weeks. It is days like today that I just really want to be done with treatment.

The night before last was a pretty rough night for me. Caitlyn had a tummy bug of some sort and she really didn't sleep well and was awake a large portion of the night. I guess she was thirsty too because up to that point she would even vomit from drinking some water. So when she cried at around 4:30am after a number of other times, I figured it might be safe to get her a little bit of water and so I got up to get her a bottle with some water. She drank that so fast and then said "bobble" (her word for bottle) and I said "no Caitlyn, no more" (thinking that the last thing I want is for her to get sick all over her bed, and myself, and the carpet) and so of course she started crying "bobble!", so I gave in and got her another. Lucky she didn't get sick and by morning it seemed much much better. So now I just hope and pray that none of us will pick up the tummy bug.

Terence is still in Wellington on his training course or something and we are all missing him lots.

I haven't been doing much housework this week and most of my time has been spent on my project. It's been one of those where you think it will go quickly and then realising that it ended up bigger than you thought. But I do enjoy doing it and can't wait until it is done.

This afternoon after supper we quickly went to the beach (at around 5pm). The weather was nice and with our daylight savings time it is still light enough until around 7pm (maybe slightly later). The girls loved playing at the park and playing in the sea was as much fun. I had to keep watching Caitlyn as she keeps running towards the waves even if they are still a bit of a distance away and at one point I said to her "stay here, don't go further. Are you listening to me?" and she said "no" which seems to be her standard answer for everything.

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Haha, Caitlyn sounds like a real character!