The friends you make along the way

One of the really positive things about our cancer journey is the wonderful inspirational people we meet along the way, and certainly the world of technology really helps in that way, a blog or Facebook or email - you name it. It certainly has given us the chance to connect with some pretty amazing people out there. People we would otherwise never have been able to meet. I think in the days before all this technology, life must have been fairly isolated, especially when you are walking a particular journey that others might not always be able to relate to or fully understand.

So yesterday I made a new friend. It was just by accident really (or perhaps I was meant to) that I discovered her blog and apart from their plans to move to this side of the world and the ups and downs of planning such a big move, Sharon's blog also describes her struggles with infertility. And I just feel so incredibly sad for them. It has been 6 long years, procedures, miscarriages and so much more. I cannot even begin to imagine what her journey must be like. I guess I will never understand why things like this happen, I will never understand what we are meant to learn in the process, but that journeys like these certainly make you stronger, of that I am sure.

I know with our journey I had to learn that we cannot choose what happens in life, but we can choose how we handle it - and certainly that motto has paid off with our journey. But yesterday I just once again realised how very unfair life sometimes can be.

And when we got chatting on Facebook she said something to me "You know, Lea, I'm a firm believer that we're never given more than what we can cope with" and that is so true and yet so amazing that somebody could have such an outlook on life.

I am so happy that Technology makes it possible for me to meet such amazing and inspirational people like Sharon! But I also know that people are placed on your road for a reason and I know that I will be able to learn so much from her.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lea
I was just about to send you a message via FB to tell you that I'd done a posting about you and Bianca and now I see you've done something similar to me.
Technology is amazing, I truly believe it helps to enrich our experiences because we're able to cross paths with people who will touch our lives.
Thanks again for coming to my blog, you helped make me remember why hubbie and I wanted to head over to NZ in the first place and have refeshed our energy to keep going.